About us

About us

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Car Passion is an automotive event organizer for all petrolheads with a sportive or unique car. We stand for quality, passion and a down to earth feeling amongst different petrolheads.

Our events let people connect and network at unique locations, enjoy culinary food and share their passion while enjoying the ultimate driving experience in Europe.  Car Passion makes sure you experience the ultimate driving roads and create the most unforgettable memories.

2024 will be a year full of new automotive events. Next year we launch a few new concepts such as Corsa Adriatica and Corsa Toscana. And ofcourse our annual events like the Forest Run, Gas Guzzler Tour, our Drift Days and the Corsa Dolomiti will take place like usual.

Last but not least we've got our highlight of the year in July: the Ultimate Rally trough Europe including 7 nights in 5* hotels. 

Join the Ultimate Driving Experience! 

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