Drift Day X

Drift Day X

28th  of April 2023

On Friday the 28th of April 2023 we will organise our 10th drift day at the best driftschool of Belgium. Do you want to be able to drift and learn the capacities of your car in a safe environment?

Join our drift day and get professional coaching during the 7 hour drift experience at the Center of Mastery du Volant in Oupeye, Belgium.

- Full day
- 7 hours of drifting in a safe environment

- Lunch
- Maximum fun 

- Professional coaching

- Best drift center of Belgium

- Learn your car's capacities


Saftey briefing and explanation of the day


Start of the drift experience in groups of 3 cars.

Maximum of 12 cars in total to ensure enough time and space for the best experience.

End of the drift day.


€260,- per car


Center of Mastery du Volant -  Oupeye, Belgium
Center of Mastery du Volant - Oupeye, Belgium